Who By Water

Who By Water
dir. Bill Morrison/USA/2007/18 min.
Kinoteka, sala 2

The title draws on a passage from the Jewish Rosh Hashana service that deals with the fate of the coming year: “Who shall live, and who shall die; who in his time, and who before his time. Who by water, and who by fire...” The title references that which has been pre-ordained – a future history that will in time unfold before us.

“Who By Water” draws on archival footage in which ship passengers are depicted staring wordlessly into the camera’s lens, through a veil of deteriorating emulsion. We examine these anonymous faces: rich, poor, young, old, celebrated or incidental. All of their numbers have by now been called. And in staring back at them, we contemplate our own fate.


  • projection time:
    18 min.
  • country/year:
    USA /2007
  • director:
    Bill Morrison
  • editor:
    Bill Morrison
  • production:
    Bill Morrison / Hypnotic Pictures
  • festivals and awards:
    2007 – Rotterdam IFF; 2007 – DOK Leipzig, 2007 – Jihlava IFF, 2007 – Tribeca FF; 2008 – Rio de Janeiro Short FF: Grand Prix

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