Kids Cup

Kids Cup
dir. Line Hatland/Norway, Denmark, Finnland/2021/90 min.
Kinoteka, sala 2
Kinoteka, sala 2

Film is presented at the festival without english subtitles.

“Kids Cup” is a feel-good family film about the world's largest sports tournament for kids - Norway Cup in Oslo.

We dive into five teenagers from different parts of the world, competing to win the gold medal. Afnan from Palestine, Khalidi from Tanzania/USA, Yu from China, Fred from Brazil and Anna from Norway all share the same dream, but they meet unexpected obstacles: unfair referees, homesickness or missing the penalty shot. Thankfully there are always girls to flirt with and fun fairs or candy shops to take your mind off your loss. Plus friendship is the best remedy for any failure.


  • projection time:
    90 min.
  • country/year:
    Norway, Denmark, Finnland /2021
  • director:
    Line Hatland
  • pictures:
    Tore Vollan, Håvard Fossum, Jónína Guðbjörg Guðbjartsdóttir, Viggo Knudsen
  • production:
    Ingvil Giske, Mari Monrad Vistven / Medieoperatørene AS
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 – IDFA Amsterdam

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