Ref! Replacement!

Ref! Replacement!
dir. Tim van Gils/The Netherlands/2021/15 min.
Kinoteka, sala 2

Film is presented at the festival without english subtitles.

What happens in your head when your parents split up, and your world is never the same again?

Din is the central midfielder from the Baardwijk soccer club in Waalwijk (The Netherlands). His parents separated three years ago. A period of uncertainty, quarrels and unrest followed. Din did not talk about his feelings.

In the movie  Din will, with the help of director Tim, who is also a child of divorced parents and former football player, make clear what was going on in his head when his parents got divorced. Where words are hard to find, soccer takes over. Din is not much of a talker - he prefers to let his feet speak.


  • projection time:
    15 min.
  • country/year:
    The Netherlands /2021
  • director:
    Tim van Gils
  • pictures:
    Tim van Gils
  • production:
    Willemijn Cerutti, Pieter Cerutti / Cerutti Film, De Co Producent
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 – IDFA Amsterdam

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