On the (re)construction of women's representations in the domestic space. A meeting after the screenings.

Sunday, May 15 | 12:30 p.m. | Kinoteka 2

after the screenings of HOME WHEN YOU RETURN, dir. Carl Elsaesser and MU/T/T/ER, dir. Esther Kondo Heller

On the (re)construction of women's representations in the domestic space

Partner: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Found footage films, constructed from ready-made images plucked from mass media or archives, constitute one of the film's most critical practices. For decades they have been used by female artists and directors to influence the social processes behind the construction of women's identities. The opening block of this year's experimental section features the latest films using recycled images to examine the concept of home. In Carl Elsaesser’s “Home When You Return”, traces of a 1950s homemade melodrama by amateur filmmaker Joan Thurber Baldwin intermingle with a mournful homage to the author’s grandmother. Esther Kondo Heller creates an image of home as a contemporary multicultural and polyphonic space. Prof. Małgorzata Radkiewicz will discuss how women and their stories are portrayed in found footage films and present the different contexts of these works.


Prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Radkiewicz – film scholar, an employee of the Institute of Audiovisual Arts at Jagiellonian University, focusing on cultural identity in contemporary cinema and visual arts. Her research interests include women’s work in cinema, photography, and art.