Simona Kossak - how to Escape Into Nature and Find Awe? Debate after the screening of SIMONA

Wednesday, May 18  | 8:00 p.m. | Kinoteka 7

Simona Kossak: How to Escape Into Nature and Find Awe?

Debate after the screening of SIMONA, dir. Natalia Koryncka-Gruz 

What does nature give us? How can we embrace it and benefit from it wisely? What can we learn from Simona Kossak herself? At the Film Therapy meeting, we will talk about the relationship the prominent biologist had with her mother and discuss the ways of overcoming intergenerational trauma. Film Therapy uses the film as a tool for therapy and personal development, allowing us to learn more about ourselves through the experiences of film protagonists.


Katarzyna Miller – Polish psychologist, psychotherapist, columnist, philosopher, academic teacher, singer, composer and songwriter. She graduated in philosophy and psychology from the University of Warsaw. Long-time lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Marcin Kostrzyński – journalist, forester, cameraman. Creator of the YouTube channel “Marcin z Lasu” and a video blog. Since 1994 he has worked as a camera operator and host of TV programs about nature. Co-author of popular shows for children and teenagers, such as “Teleranek”, “Wkoło Natury” and “Król Zwierząt”.


Martyna Harland – psychologist at the SWPS University, a graduate of the SWPS Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies and the Warsaw Film School. She works as a cultural journalist at TVP, where she develops her passion for culture and psychology.