City Docs: How to Live And Think Circular? A debate following the screening of the film GOING CIRCULAR

Wednesday, May 18, 8:00 p.m., DCF, Warszawa screening room

City Docs: How to Live And Think Circular? A debate following the screening of the film GOING CIRCULAR, dir. Nigel Walk, Richard Dale

As part of the regular City Docs screenings, a group of experts will discuss the most important problems of the contemporary world, debunk myths and look for solutions. During this special festival event, we will talk about the recycling culture, the zero-waste movement and the exchange of goods and services. This discussion will be preceded by the screening of the film Going Circular, which explores the concept of the circular economy – an idea that could save our planet's resources and humanity from the ravages of climate change.


Aneta Osuch – a graduate of philosophy at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Wrocław). Participant in many courses on global education, responsible consumption and multiculturalism. She has worked for the EcoDevelopment Foundation since 2008. Coordinator of educational projects and educator at the EcoCentre Wrocław. She cooperates with the Wrocław Centre for Social Development as an anti-discrimination trainer, providing psychological support to people suffering from discrimination and climate anxiety.

Arkadiusz Wierzba – Polish studies and cultural studies scholar, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He also studied philosophy (PAT) and applied computer science (UEK). Since 2013, he has been collaborating with the EcoDevelopment Foundation as an educator on projects related to issues such as the climate crisis, global dependency, responsible consumption and anti-discrimination education. Activist of the anti-smog, climate and pro-animal movement. Member of the Lower Silesian Smog Alarm and Extinction Rebellion Poland.


Małgorzata Waszkiewicz – Radio Tok FM