Event accompanying the screening of the film THREE MINUTES - A LENGTHENING

Sunday, May 22 | 6:00 p.m. | the Atelier of the Łazęga Poznańska Association (Św. Marcin 75)

Event accompanying the screening of the film  THREE MINUTES - A LENGTHENING

The film is subtitled in English

Partner:  TRES Foundation, Łazęga Poznańska Association

In reference to the film  THREE MINUTES - A LENGTHENING which tells the story of the Nasielk Jewish community preserved on a 3-minute recording, we invite you to an accompanying event at the Atelier of the Łazęga Poznańska Association  (75 Św. Marcin Street) – a screening of the film "Do zobaczenia za rok w Jerozolimie". The documentary (35 min.), directed by Wojciech Olejniczak, presents archival recordings of the German authorities' Polenaktion operation of October 1938, as a result of which Jews holding Polish passports were deported from the territory of the Third Reich. Several thousand people were brutally expelled, only allowed to take essential belongings and 10 marks each. About nine thousand Jews were forced across the border to Zbąszyń (then a border town in the west of the Wielkopolska region) from 28 October 1938.

Both films will serve as a starting point for a discussion about the importance of film records as historical witnesses, as well as a reference to current events.


The TRES Foundation carries out artistic, educational and publishing projects. Photography – its artistic, historical and social aspect – is of particular interest to the foundation. It examines photography as a medium for exploring the world and history and as a stimulus for social change.

Łazęga Poznańska Association runs an independent cultural centre called Atelier w Sercu Miasta in an old photography workshop in the courtyard of a vacant building at 75 Święty Marcin Street. Łazęga's Atelier rescues and collects old photographs and films in a digital repository, and preserves family and urban histories, presenting them at exhibitions.