Who Will Become an Animal Rights Activist? A meeting following the screening of the film JUST ANIMALS​​​​​​​

Thursday, May 19 | 6:00 p.m. | Goplana screening

Who Will Become an Animal Rights Activist? A meeting with Katarzyna Sokołowska from Otwarte Klatki Association (Open Cages Association) following the screening of the film JUST ANIMALS, dir. Vesa Kuosmanen, Saila Kivelä

In Polish only

Partner: Stowarzyszenia Otwarte Klatki – Tri-City

What kind of commitment does the struggle for animals requires – and will it ever be enough? What happens when the utopia does not come true as imagined and you are alone facing the legal consequences? How do you cope with the idealism you grew up into or with the realism that just crashes your sense of justice? What are the expectations and ideas surrounding the work of activists in Poland, and what does the actual situation of animal activism in Poland have to do with it? The film we will present is a story about the making of an activist. Saila is a committed activist for animal rights. The documentary spans a decade-long follow-up material, Saila, and her sister Mai’s childhood home videos and secretly filmed footage from the animal industrial farms. Ten years ago Saila openly admitted that she had secretly filmed animal farms. She spent the next three years of her adolescence fighting a court battle in which the prosecutor demanded she be sent to prison and the farmers sought high compensation.


Katarzyna Sokołowska – activist and volunteer coordinator in the Tri-City local network of the Otwarte Klatki Association campaigning for the welfare of animals living on industrial farms, graphic designer.


Małgorzata Muraszko – journalist and editor at Gazeta Wyborcza. Culture is her speciality, with music, literature, film and visual arts being particular favourites.