Film Therapy: Children on the Web. A meeting with child and adolescent psychologist following the screening of the film GIRL GANG

Tuesday, May 17 | 5:30 p.m. | Warszawa screening room

Film Therapy: Children on the Web. A meeting with child and adolescent psychologist Paulina Pawlicka following the screening of the film GIRL GANG, dir. Susanne Regina

In Polish only

Partner: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gdańsk

14-year-old Leonie is a successful teen influencer who lives with her parents on the outskirts of Berlin. Over a million followers are at her feet and companies shower her with products. When Leonie's parents recognize the enormous economic potential of their daughter’s online activities, they quickly take over her management. They want her to have a better life than they had – in East Berlin before the Wall fell. But Leo’s life, dictated by brands and the pressure to produce content, slowly turns into a prison. What kind of problems do teenagers have to face in the digital world? What traps are laid there for the youngest, and how to teach them to use the Internet wisely? Why are children so sensitive to social judgements, and what are the consequences of living under constant pressure? Why are hate speech and exclusion such a threat, and how can we protect ourselves against them?


Paulina Pawlicka – psychologist, assistant professor at the Department of Intercultural and Genetic Psychology at the University of Gdańsk, deputy director of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Gdańsk. Her academic and professional interests include child and adolescent development, bilingualism, acculturation and cultural and national identity. She also runs workshops on diversity and social change.


Krystyna Weiher-Sitkiewicz – cultural event organiser, meeting moderator, anthropologist, film educator and exhibition curator. Museum adjunct at the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum in Gdańsk.