dir. Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð/Faroe Islands, Denmark/2021/75 min.
Kino Orzeł w MCK

Dania, 21, grew up in a Christian congregation on the Faroe Islands. She recently moved to Tórshavn, where she became romantically involved with hip-hop artist and poet Trygvi, aka Silver Boy. He is from a secular family and writes dark lyrics. Fascinated by Trygvi’s courage to write brutally honest lyrics about being human, Dania starts writing more personal texts that amount to a collection of poems, “Skál”, critical of the double life she and other young people are forced to live in order to fit within the strict Christian framework.


  • projection time:
    75 min.
  • country/year:
    Faroe Islands, Denmark /2021
  • director:
    Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð
  • pictures:
    Cecilie Debell, Jens Jákup Hansen, Maria Tórgarð, Rógvi Rasmussen, Troels Rasmus Jensen
  • production:
    Heidi Kim Andersen / Made in Copenhagen
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 – CPH:DOX Copenhagen; 2021 – Chicago IFF: Golden Hugo Award; 2021 – Nordisk Panorama, Malmö: New Nordic Voices Award

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