The Lost Leonardo

The Lost Leonardo
dir. Andreas Koefoed/Denmark, France, Sweden/2021/100 min.
Luna, sala A
Kinoteka, sala 7

“The Lost Leonardo” is a thrilling detective story seeking the truth about the infamous “Salvator Mundi”, an ancient portrait of Christ that, after its unexpected reappearance in 2004, is considered a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece. It then gets embroiled in personal, economic, legal and geopolitical disputes. In November 2017 the painting became the most expensive piece of art ever sold – for $450 million USD. Saudi Arabia’s new ruler, 32-year-old Prince Mohamed bin Salman, buys it in secret from a notorious Russian oligarch. Nobody seems to know where the painting is today or if it will ever be exhibited in public.

Where is the “Salvator Mundi” now, and what was its purpose as it travelled from obscurity in New Orleans to become the Mona Lisa of the desert?


  • projection time:
    100 min.
  • country/year:
    Denmark, France, Sweden /2021
  • director:
    Andreas Koefoed
  • pictures:
    Adam Jandrup
  • production:
    Christoph Jörg, Andreas Dalsgaard / Mantaray
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 – Tribeca FF

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