"Young Plato" protagonist.

I have been the principal for 9 years and have been in Holy Cross Boys’ for 25 years. I am married to Grainne and have four beautiful daughters; Rachel, Grace, Erin and Jane Hence, it is quite ironic that I am the principal of almost 400 boys.

Holy Cross Boys' is in the Ardoyne ward and is among the most socio economically deprived in NÍ (top 3%) yet we send over 40% of our pupils to grammar school. Our Education and Training Inspection (ETI) is outstanding as is our observational documentary based upon using philosophy and pastoral care to empower the boys. 'Young Plato' has just received an Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for best documentary, an Irish Civil Liberties and Humanitarian Award, The Special Jury Award from The Tessaloniki International Film Festival and can be seen in selected cinemas across Europe.