On the Visual (De)colonisation of Africa. A meeting after the screening of KUMBUKA

Monday, May 16 | 6:00 p.m. | Kinoteka 2

after the screening of KUMBUKA, dir. Petna Ndaliko Katondolo

On the Visual (De)colonisation of Africa

Partner: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

'Kumbuka' in Swahili means 'to remember'. The protagonists of Petna Ndaliko Katondolo's film take a critical look at colonial representations of the Democratic Republic of Congo, confronting these images with the living memory of exploitation and injustice suffered at the hands of the Europeans. What power do visual representations have in shaping the image of individuals and entire communities? How is their meaning shaped by the perspective of those behind the camera lens? Can films and images made by colonisers (accompanied by a contemporary critical commentary) be included in the cultural heritage of African countries? What representations do their inhabitants and their people need today? Can images become weapons in the fight against racism? Magda Lipska, curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, will answer these questions, introducing the context of the film's production.


Magda Lipska – curator, cultural studies scholar and art theorist. Since 2008 the curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. The book “Hope Is a Different Color. From the Global South to the Łódź Film School”, which she co-edited (with Monika Talarczyk), was published in 2022.