"The Fledglings" director.

Lidia Duda is an author of television reports and documentaries, born in 1958 in Tychy. Graduate of cultural studies at the University of Wrocław. Winner of numerous awards at film festivals. Following the televised broadcast of the film ‘I Do Not Accept the World of My Characters’ (a documentary on the lives of boys aged seven to fourteen, so-called "glue men", who live on the street), a special meeting of the Parliamentary Commission for Children and Youth was organised. After the broadcast of ‘At Us in Pietrasze’ (a story of a few-year-old boy about life in the post-state farm village of Pietrasze), the minister Barbara Labuda appointed a team which was to work out a programme of aid for the post-state farm villages. For ‘Entangled’ she received the award for best director at the documentary film festival in Prague, and her ‘Hercules’ was awarded at festivals in Krakow and Moscow. In her films Lidia Duda simply listens to her characters and believes in the power of their stories.