"Italo Disco. The Sparkling Sound of the 80s" director.

An Italian-German documentary filmmaker. Born in Sondrio (Italy) and living in Munich, he graduated in Political Economics in Milan and in Philosophy at Heidelberg University. After working as an author, journalist and freelance translator, in 2010 he self-produced his first documentary and founded his own production company named Alpenway Media GmbH. He collaborates with RAI, ARD, ZDF e ARTE as a director and/or producer.

His films are distinguished for their extreme eclecticism, for example ranging from Ilona Staller’s life story and deeds (La Cicciolina. Godmother of scandal) to the description of Cistercian art and spirituality (The Legacy of the Cistercians – Italy). Documentaries produced by Alpenway are regularly selected by International Festivals. Often he moves between the Alps, reason why he named his company Alpenway, a symbol for his constant desire to cross borders. For his entrepreneurial commitment as a migrant citizen, the municipality of Munich awarded Alessandro Melazzini the Phönix prize in 2015.