The Future Is Non-Binary. A meeting on transsexuality following the screening of the film JASON

Saturday, May 14 | 2:00 p.m. | DCF, Lalka screening room

The Future Is Non-Binary

A meeting on transsexuality following the screening of the film JASON, dir. Masjaa Ooms.

Awarded at the IDFA festival in Amsterdam, Jason is a film about a transgender boy who, at 16, was on the verge of suicide and was placed in a state-run institution. There, instead of getting help, he experienced further trauma. Nevertheless, he does not agree to be treated as a victim – he fights for his life and for the change of the system to make things easier for people like him. The problems and joys of the film protagonist are not fiction – this is the reality faced by many residents of Poland, the region and the city of Wrocław. Where to look for support and how to give it? We will talk to the founders of the Ciao Association and their teenage guests who share a similar experience.


Klaudia Grzyb, Majka Jakóbczyk – psychologists, sexologists in training and sex educators. Their academic research focuses on the topic of consensual BDSM. They run support groups for transgender people, their parents and relatives, and organize sex education and psycho-education classes for children, adolescents, adults and professionals. They cooperate with many NGOs and foundations (Up date Association, Kultura Równości, Sieć Przyjaciół Zdrowia Psychicznego, Różowa Skrzyneczka). They create a space where reliable knowledge can be shared with others. Feminists and activists fighting taboos.

Partner: Ciao.wro Association