Lecture before a special screening of the film IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE

Tuesday, May 17 | 7:00 p.m. | DCF, Lalka screening room

Special screening of the film IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE, dir. Łukasz Śródka

Konrad Jarodzki, a remarkable artist whose art constituted one of Wrocław's landmarks, died last November. Jarodzki was also the guest of the 15th Millennium Docs Against Gravity where the film about his life – In Absolute Silence – premiered. The film captures Jarodzki's typical dialectics of silence and noise, oblivion and fame, introversion and extroversion, romantic and positivistic visions of the artist, the power of emotions and the power of reason. This year we will commemorate the artist with a special screening introduced by Joanna Sokołowska, the curator of the exhibition Happy The End. Konrad Jarodzki.


Joanna Sokołowska – art historian, curator