“Centrum” Film Discussion Club. A talk preceding the screening of the film We Were Once Kids

Monday, May 16 | 7:00 p.m. | DCF, Lwów screening room

“Centrum” Film Discussion Club

A talk preceding the screening of the film WE ARE ONCE KIDS, dir. Eddie Martin

"Attention! Kids" - this is the title of the May session of the "Centrum" Film Discussion Club. In reference to Larry Clark's legendary Kids (1995), as part of the regular Monday meetings at the Lower Silesian Film Centre, we will watch the films that focus on young people's problems. We will take a look at the difficult transition into adulthood and the thin line between seeking independence and remaining a very fragile human being. This subject is also explored by We Were Once Kids. Director Eddie Martin revisits Kids to find out what happened to the teenage characters whose youth was exploited in the iconic ‘90s film. Where are they now? Did they seize the opportunity, or were they taken advantage of?


Adam Kruk