The Food Revolution. A meeting following the screening of the film MEAT THE FUTURE

Sunday, May 22 | 2:45 p.m. | Goplana screening room

The Food Revolution. A meeting with Stanisław Łoboziak, popularizer of science and expert on the cell-based meat production following the screening of the film MEAT THE FUTURE, dir. Liz Marshall

In Polish only

A true food revolution is about to take place on our plates. Cell-based meat, created without breeding or slaughtering animals, may change people's thinking about food culture. Vegetarian meat is an alternative for all those who do not consider beans, chickpeas or peas a substitute. Special technology makes it exceptionally juicy, which accounts for the high scores in sensory quality assessment. In addition, it is GMO-free, contains no artificial preservatives and often no sugar, but most importantly, it is better for the planet. But how is it produced? Will everyone be cultivating meat in their kitchens soon?


Stanisław Łoboziak –molecular biologist. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, where he explored the world of RNA at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology. He is fascinated with the phenomenon of bioluminescence – the glow of living organisms. Currently associated with the Copernicus Science Centre, where he is responsible for the activities of the biological laboratory, the conceptual work on biological exhibits, and the creation of the Przemiany Festival's programme. The author of the popular science book Laboratorium w szufladzie - biologia. Currently expanding his knowledge on ants and other social insects, as well as cell-based meat production.


Małgorzata Muraszko – journalist and editor at Gazeta Wyborcza. Culture is her speciality, with music, literature, film and visual arts being particular favourites.