United Docs of Millennium Docs Against Gravity

This year at our festival several films which are U.S. productions or co-productions will be presented. Meetings on the American culture and society will be held, and viewers will have the opportunity to meet unique guests from across the Atlantic Ocean. With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw all American films in the festival programme and additional events have been gathered under one common name: United Docs of Millennium Docs Against Gravity.

List of films in American production or co-production:



White Noise

My Psychedelic Love Story


Screened Out

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street


Roy Cohn/Jack Smith


A Glitch in the Matrix

The Meaning of Hitler


The Archivettes

The Rest I Make Up


Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)


A Thousand Cuts

The 8th

Be Water

Dirty Feathers

SCUM Manifesto

El Sicario, Room 164

The Mole Agent

Tiny Tim: King for a Day

Truffle Hunters

The main goals of our cooperation are: popularization of documentary films as an art form and as a means of social engagement, strengthening the local and global civil society. Reaching audiences throughout the country, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or place of living. Focusing, on many different levels, of education through film.

Our cooperation includes:

  • screening of American films at Millennium Docs Against Gravity
  • holding the screenings at locations across Poland – the festival will take place in 7 Polish cities, as well as in 20 cities and towns with a “Best of” weekend. The festival’s hybrid format means that after the physical edition there will be an online one, which aims to reach the whole country
  • organizing Q&A online meetings with filmmakers from the US, which will be streamed live in cinemas after the screenings
  • holding a photography exhibition entitled “Sentenced”. The photographs showcased at the exhibition have been taken by Jessica Earnshaw – an America photographer and filmmaker, whose film “Jacinta” is nominated in the Main Competition of the festival. The exhibition comprises of photographs taken in American prisons which focus on the  universal aspects of womanhood; from the mother-daughter relationships, through friendships, to the notion of aging.
  • organizing a debate about the US alt-right groups and online propaganda (after the film “White Noise”)
  • organizing a debate on sexual abuse and children (after the film “Rewind”)
  • organizing a meeting with a dog behavioralist (after the film “Stray”)
  • organizing a self-defense workshop (after the film “Be Water”)
  • creating a section at the festival, entitled: “A Queer Perspective”. The section’s name is inspired by a book on performance and queer culture in New York. The backbone of the section will be set in American films (“Roy Cohn / Jack Smith”, “The Rest I Make Up”, “The Archivettes”, “Leftovers”). The LGBTQ+ films in this segment comprise of a variety of issues faced by the community, as well as looking for counterculture ways of artistic expression.