The Lower Silesia Grand Prix goes to FLEE by Jonas Poher Rasmussen

We would like to award a special mention to “A Thousand Cuts” for a moving depiction of the agony of democracy and free media as well as the chance to get to know the protagonist who is an inspiration and makes it impossible to just give up. Ramona S. Diaz’s documentary wins the viewers, unsettles them and does not allow them to look away.

The film which receives the Lower Silesia Grand Prix is also a reflection of the most topical matters and the message which we noticed in many of the competition masterpieces. We are awarding the documentary we have chosen for high sensitivity and evocative nature of the narrative, oscillating on a broad emotional scale, its psychological aspect, taking up a tough subject in a remarkable way and last but not least – for not allowing us to lose hope.

It is also a film which shows the great broadness of documentary. At the same time, it is a universal tale about human memory and trauma. This masterpiece builds bridges and provides a way for a wider audience to understand the issues which polarize every day. The film is “Flee” by Jonas Poher Rasmussen.


The jury composed of:

Maciej Bujko

Iwona Morozow

Jarosław Perduta

Emose Uhunmwangho