Waiting for Godot... in Sarajevo

Waiting for Godot... in Sarajevo
dir. Nicole Stéphane, Susan Sontag/France/1993/26 min.
Światowid, sala Duża

Film is presented at the festival without english subtitles.

In April 1993 Susan Sontag travelled to Sarajevo for the first time to visit her son David Rieff who was living in the besieged city and working as a correspondent for US magazines.

She returned in mid-July of the same year to stage Samuel Beckett’s play at the “Pozoriste Mladih” (Youth Theater).


  • projection time:
    26 min.
  • country/year:
    France /1993
  • director:
    Nicole Stéphane, Susan Sontag
  • pictures:
    Vaugham Smith, Richard Parry
  • production:
    Nicole Stéphane, Pierre Bergé / Woods Communications
  • festivals and awards:
    2021 - Jihlava IFF

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